Who We Are

Panorama Transport Service GmbH , is the first specialist marine Travel agency in Germany. With 30 years of experience, we are proud of the excellent name we have managed to build and we maintain in the marine industry, by offering to our clients the highest standard of service with the most economic solutions in traveling. The training and the long working experience of our personnel with Panorama make us competent to find, the best and most economical flight routings within the required critical time limits. With our multi lingual personnel and flexible approach, our clients can rely on our understanding, that we will convert their needs into a traveling solution.

Located in Hamburg – Germany and in Limassol – Cyprus, the two biggest locations for the shipping industry in Europe we follow and continuously adapt to the changing needs of the evolving market.

Panorama Transport Service GmbH was established in 1976 by Claus Grammersdorf in Hamburg, The founder of Panorama Transport Service GmbH with his experience working in managerial positions with world known airlines has attained the know how to provide services efficiently to the shipping industry. The contracts that had been achieved since the beginning of Panorama with major airlines such as Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Philipine Airline and Thai Airwais had allowed Panorama to develop and offer the first marine rates for traveling crew of the shipping industry, at low cost.

Panorama Transport Service Limited Cyprus, was established in 1992 in Limassol by Axel Grammersdorf, to meet the increased demand of our clients who were based in Cyprus and is now serving clients world wide.